Software Engineer

In this page, I am going to list all the project that I  worked on whether on the development side or the business-management side. I am proud of every one of them. In every project, I make a lot of mistakes which helped me learn a new set of skills and experience. For me, every project is a whole journey.

Polar Scouts [2015]

The polar scouts are on a journey to save their families and friends. Their tasks is to defend their home and their beloveds. Saving the world from global warming is their only mission, their duty, their destiny.

Happy Unwrappy [2015]

Happy Unwrappy is a gift list app. Happy Unwrappy will allow you lists of the gifts you wish to have. Then it will allow you to share with your friends.
Happy Unwrappy has the capacity to revolutionize the act of giving. Tailored and tactful, it allows friends and family a window into each other’s favorite things, saving all those awkward conversations in the lead up to special events.

 Bolla [2014]

Bolla is powerful app for generating your football tournament schedule. Online Mobile tool that will save your time. You can use it to organize tournaments for teams, groups or individuals.


With uCoach, you’ll have a direct line to your coach and a personalized path for achieving your goals in college and after graduation

Side Note: I wasn’t the lead developer of this project but It was developed while I was managing Inova.


SlowChatter enables educators to collaborate in virtual learning environments. Online teachers working in teams, virtually, have unique challenges and SlowChatter makes it easy to share communications about students and provide the best education to each student regardless of where or when you work.


Knowing is an elegant iPad eReader to download and read non-paid books from the Feedbooks library. Knowing provides some nice features like searching for similar book, and sharing.

PopPop Idea

PopPop Idea is an idea generator. With just one button, you can generate ideas you would not have thought of. The goal is to stimulate your innate imaginative power. It’s an app that can help out anyone in need of fresh ideas.

Hexen II

I ported the open source game (Hexen II) from C language to Objective C language to be able to run it on iOS Touch devices.
One of the main challenges that faced us while porting the game, is deciding the new touch controllers for the new touch game. This process went on several iterations till we made our final decision.