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Self-Development With Good Habits

December 26, 2013, ahmdalitaha0 Comments

Self­-development (personal development) is an important subject that people, either doesn’t perceive it in such way, ignore it totally or notice it late in their lives. Self­-development is the process of sharpening your talent, skills and personality. It is a long life­span process, usually you get involved in such process step by step with good habits that you start at some point in your life, because after all, the only common factor of successful people is that they don’t do what failures do.

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Leadership vs management

June 2, 2013, ahmdalitaha0 Comments

This thin line between leadership and management is the reason why some businesses are burned beneath the dirt while others fly high by the stars. The difference between a leader and a manager is that the leader should be the one with the eagle eye, the one monitoring what’s happening around the company in the market, the one saying whether the company is moving in the right direction or not.


Successful People’s Common Factor

April 4, 2013, ahmdalitaha0 Comments

Successful people are a very small set of human beings, I will leave it to you to define who is a successful people  – please don’t confuse them with normal people – and I am sure whatever your definition is, you will agree that such set is very small, A lot of researches have been done to identify what is the common factor between these people. In this article, I am not going to add another research; I am just going to highlight a certain one that I have recently read. Continue reading “Successful People’s Common Factor” »